Learn to create Kizomba remixes with Ramon10635. Start form beginner level and discover the key styles, deepen and improve your creations. 

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Access and view the remixes of Ramon10635 (in TRACKS format), open them with your DAW and learn from within, review them and understand the how, when and why.

The complete course consists of 6 modules (26 lessons) of approximately 2 hours each.

The Start Multi Daw plan provides unlimited access to all Video content (26 online lessons).

Full Multidaw provides unlimited access to the videos, in addition to all the downloadable content (Drum Tracks, Samples, Projects …) and assistance from Ramon10635 in the first two projects of the student.

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The price depends on the plan you subscribe to:

START MULTIDAW: € 199 Unlimited access to all videos (you save € 200).
FULL MULTIDAW: € 399 Unlimited access to all videos + downloadable content + assistance Ramon10635 2 first projects (you save € 680)
PRO STUDIO ONE: € 599 Unlimited access to all videos + downloadable content + assistance Ramon10635 2 first projects + STUDIO ONE PRO License (you save € 880).


  • Introduction and course plan
  • What do I need?
  • Music emotions, the Tempo, Kizomba and musical criteria.
  • Ways of creating a remix



  • Groove Base concept and structure of the Zouk and Kizomba beat (Guetozouk style).
  • Groove Concept (part2) Mix AFRO and evolution towards new styles (Tarraxo, Urban ..)
  •  Identifying the percussion sounds of the ZoukBeat, Guetozuouk, Kizomba .
  • The structure of the songs: 2 types, Sung Melodic and Hypnotic Loop type.
  • Audio file formats.



  • Introduction to the Daw (Studio One 5)
  • Audio, midi events and tracks Edition. Structure the project and four shortcuts.
  •  Importing Audio and Metronomizing
  • The Patterns: building Kizomba Beats.



  • The Impact XT Percussion Instrument(Samples based)
  • Creating Kizomba Beats with a model
  •  Panning 3D Drum Beats
  • Effects and interludes in transitions



  • The Mixer channels, buses and some track automation
  • The Effects on tracks, channels and objects. The effect chains
  • Three ways to simplify the MIXING AND MASTERING process (3 videos) : Daw Plugins, Ozone 9, Landr.
  • Mixing and Mastering 10 tips



  • Legal report about author rights regarding new versions and musical mixes (10).
  • Sound watermark and the Remixer´s name
  • Where and how to identify a good one
  • Alternative findings, covers, instrumentals and how to complement and mix them.
  • Optimize the originals.
  • The remixer´s danger: how to avoid narcissistic hearing.
  • Sunday morning: creating my own REMIX.

Downloadable Content: Loops, Samples, Projects and Drum Tracks included in FULL MULTIDAW and PRO STUDIO ONE

A single payment of € 299.Unlimited access to the 6 modules and 26 lessons (10 hours of Video, valued at € 400). Introduction from scratch in the world of music production, with concepts applicable to any DAW. Does not include assistance from Ramon10635 in end-of-course projects or downloadable material. You Save € 200.

A single payment of  € 499 and unlimited access to the entire course (valued at € 400). Includes the pack of 13 downloadable projects (valued at € 520), the pack of 12 Kizomba Drum Tracks, Kizomba loops beats and samples pack Wav  format (valued at € 300). To use in any DAW. You save € 820.

A single payment of € 699 and unlimited access to the entire course (valued at 400€). Includes an operative license of STUDIO ONE PROFESSIONAL 6 (valued at €400), the pack of 13 downloadable projects (valued at € 520), the 12 kizomba Drum Tracks,  Kizomba loops,  beats  and samples pack  in Wav format (€ 300). To use in any DAW. You save € 1.120