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Ramon10635 attended classes at the conservatory of music at the age of 12. From 20 years old to 23 he experimented with his first musical compositions. Due to personal circumstances he had to leave his passion. In 2011, Ramón, started dancing Kizomba and soon he fell for this evocative music style.  In the beginning of 2013, he started studying in deep the Kizomba´s melodic rythm patterns and the fusion with other styles and its evolutions. Ramón has published near to 100 remixes and personal works, having had his music played in many dance floors all around the world. He believes that  Kizomba lovers have a certain music sensitivity and intelligence that turns them into potential creators. 

He has developed a practical and concrete study methodology through which anyone that dances Kizomba (for at least 2 years) would be capable of entering succesfully this world of creators and remixers, even if they don´t have any previous musical knowledge.   

Either you are a DJ or a KIZOMBA INSTRUCTOR, or you are interested in creating remixes , this web page will offer you many interesting things that will make you grow musically. From an online course KIZOMBA REMIXER to a pakage of the best Ramon10635 ´s REMIXES in PROYECT format so that you can edit, learn and play with percussion Zouk-Beats of the greatest hits. You will also find music proposals to remix or buy the same T-shirt as Ramon10635 (it comes with a special surprise). You can check the dates for the next face to face courses: KIZOMBA´S REMIXER (download PDF), BACHATA´S REMIXER or MUSICALITY (taught along with ENEKO).

A single payment of € 299.Unlimited access to the 6 modules and 26 lessons (10 hours of Video, valued at € 400). Introduction from scratch in the world of music production, with concepts applicable to any DAW. Does not include assistance from Ramon10635 in end-of-course projects or downloadable material. You Save € 200.

A single payment of  € 499 and unlimited access to the entire course (valued at € 400). Includes the pack of 13 downloadable projects (valued at € 520), the pack of 12 Kizomba Drum Tracks, Kizomba loops beats and samples pack Wav  format (valued at € 300). To use in any DAW. You save € 820.

A single payment of € 699 and unlimited access to the entire course (valued at 400€). Includes an operative license of STUDIO ONE PROFESSIONAL 6 (valued at €400), the pack of 13 downloadable projects (valued at € 520), the 12 kizomba Drum Tracks,  Kizomba loops,  beats  and samples pack  in Wav format (€ 300). To use in any DAW. You save € 1.120